From the Office of Senator Joe Donnelly

Joe is honored to serve on the Senate Aging Committee, which has the unique opportunity to oversee and study issues related to America’s seniors: Social Security, Medicare, pension coverage, retirement planning, and consumer protection. Joe thinks our seniors should be able to enjoy the peace of mind that their years of hard work have earned them a safe and healthy retirement. Joe understands that retirement and aging are not partisan issues, which is why he works with all members of the committee to study issues affecting America’s seniors.


Joe understands the important role Medicare plays for millions of Hoosiers in providing quality, affordable care. Joe has continuously fought against attempts to privatize Medicare, and he will continue fighting to protect the quality care that millions of seniors have come to rely upon. Medicare has provided a stable source of care since its creation, and Joe believes it should remain in place for future generations to follow.

Identity Theft and Other Types of Scams and Fraud

Joe is committed to raising awareness about scams and fraud targeting seniors. Technology such as mobile phones and the internet have allowed scammers and identity thieves to develop clever mechanisms and complex schemes to trick and prey upon seniors. In August 2014, Joe hosted a Field Hearing of the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging in Indianapolis to help Hoosier seniors recognize potential warning signs of financial predators, including scams and fraud schemes. In September 2014, Joe’s office released a white paper on consumer fraud and scams that target senior citizens.