I was much like so many other baby boomers:  Career, active family, and aging parents.  My parents were very active, but aging.  Then my mom broke her hip, and my dad was diagnosed with COPD…and our lives changed forever.

For several years my family negotiated new challenges.  We learned about rehab and home health care.  We learned about safety in the home.  We learned about memory problems.

We also navigated some major Medicare changes:  Prescription D options and the doughnut hole.  We faced these things as a family.  That was the easy part.

Later came the reality of my parents’ changing lives.  They couldn’t clean the gutters anymore, couldn’t shovel the driveway or sidewalk.  Should we move the washer and dryer upstairs?  How do we help dad take care of mom and her worsening memory problems?

And then the really hard parts came:  Funeral planning, selling the house, where to move dad, keeping on top of more and more medications and doctor appointments.

Every step of the way I was doing my own research. In the back of my mind, I kept thinking:  Working full time, teenager in the house, my own home to take care of…this is a real challenge.  I can’t imagine doing this from another city, or without any help.  There had to be a better way.

So, an idea for a website quietly incubated.  Why should everyone have to re-invent this wheel?  I know each situation is unique, but there are basic things that everyone has to research at some point.  So, what if I could give other people a one-stop shopping experience where they could find at least a basis for whatever service they were looking for, and get great articles about things they were encountering for the first time.  I can pay it forward with my experiences.

Welcome to my website.  I hope it is helpful and informative.  If you have suggestions for new categories or articles, or an experience to share, let me know.  There is always something to learn.  And chances are, we will continue to pay it forward.